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Sam Nickerson’s Top Boston Art Moments of 2013


2013 was a great year for the major institutions in the city and certainly a step in the right direction for all of the indie folks.

I decided to put together a list of (mostly) Boston art events from the past year that really stood out to me as an fanboy and advocate. In no particular order:

Maria Magdalena Campos Pons “My Mother Told Me” at Tufts University

Campos-Pons, an SMFA faculty member, is a large scale cultural interaction all by herself. This was a big one for old, white Boston.



The New Blue and White at the Museum of Fine Arts

I came to fine art through the antique business, where everyone is always looking for blue and white—Delft tiles from the Netherlands, Chinese pottery, etc.–so this was a lot of fun.

 2013-06-25 15.21.11


DIY Art Shows Everywhere

 Bands have been doing this forever, great to see Pumpkin house and others now opening their homes to artists.


Furniture with Soul II at Gallery NAGA

Furniture with Soul was a great reminder that art is never separate from society. It finds its way into every fabric of our lives; even to the places we put our butts.



Big Collage’s Dark Arts Exhibition

So this isn’t exactly Boston, but the folks at Big Collage did a great job this year showing everyone that Cape Cod art is not all sunsets and sailboats.



Barry McGee at ICA Boston

Banksy who? McGee’s work always feels like something out of a Don Delillo novel: a sign of deeply troubling times from which I cannot look away. Legendary.



Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age at Stephen D. Paine Gallery

Brilliantly curated by Massart’s Elizabeth Resnick. Now being shown nationally and in Latin America. Pretty cool that we got it first.



MASSCreative’s Create the Vote Initiative
MASSCreative as a whole became a real force for good in 2013, but the organization really came into it’s own during the 2013 Boston mayoral race, mobilizing a fairly untapped voter demographic, organizing a lobbying platform, and holding an arts debate featuring all of the marquee candidates. Great step for arts advocates in Massachusetts.


The “Tiny Museum” in Union Square

The list is in no particular order, but the Tiny Museum is actually #1.



Art Blast

’nuff said.


All of this year’s events at Orchard Skateshop’s Extension Gallery

Skateboarders definitely see daily life through a different lens. Extension Gallery gave us a peek through that lens and some free PBR to go with it.



About me: I joined the Hassle this year after writing about art for Boston Art Underground and Emmanuel News. Since then, I’ve become the communications guy at Gallery 5 @ Emmanuel College and West Bay Estate Sales, which specializes in fine art sales. I’m also one head of the hydra that is Julius Earthling.

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