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Ruby Luna and the Fox – this can help us in the end

Dream-Powered Folk for the Soul


The latest release of dream-folk duo Ruby Luna and the Fox, this can help us in the end, manages to balance the minimalism that’s present in a toned down guitar/voice duo with a sonically lush dreamscape. Angel Rose’s voice is full and confident, ringing out atop the wonderfully undecorated guitar. The intricacies of their voice uplifted by Samantha Rose’s instrumentation.

The instrumental swings and swells with each song, adapting between the EP’s soft acoustic tracks and the dreamy overdriven sound of “23” and “Limbs,” two songs that fully give in to unearthly sounds. Dancing between grief, solitude, and the opposing warmth of love and individuality. The latter songs feel more full, bursting at the seams with tonal changes and overlaid voices. These are the songs you can dance to, the warmth spreading from Angel’s voice into your body, down to your fingers and toes.

It’s the sound itself that does this, in spite of the lyrical subject matter; the layered guitar clicks together in such charming grooves that you have no hope of staying still.

But it is in the quiet that I find this album most compelling, Angel’s voice curling around the bare naked acoustic guitar. There’s something special there, in the quiet moments of your dreams where you can think back over the day, over who you are, and reflect. Subtle tonal shifts, like the modified background vocals at the end of “Stare” or the plaintive piano on “Speak It,” bring the album it’s surreal feel. The timbre of the piano in “Speak It” especially gives me the feeling of walking through a dream. Each step I take on the incorporeal ground releasing another note.

While this can help us in the end is concise, it uses that time to take us on a journey. The EP gives us the chance to explore our reaction to grief, joy, and the push and pull of our emotions. Let yourself take this journey, give yourself to the dreamy space of Ruby Luna and the Fox.

Ruby Luna and the Fox will be playing Dreamscape 21 on 9/25

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