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2 Ton Bug – Wedding Of The Century

The Connecticut-based 2 Ton Bug brought their sludgy, grimy, riff-rock into Boston in a big way last week, steamrolling in, over, and through the crowd at Gay Gardens in such a way that buying a copy of their uniquely recycled cassettes (mine was taped over a copy of Plastic Ono Band!) just seemed the natural thing to do. The tape, titled Wedding of the Century, provides much of the same swamp/punk/psychedelic riffing and vocal and/or synth-led hooks as the live show, while understandably lacking some of the in-the-moment cathartic force (which can really only be experienced in a live setting anyway). Luckily, 2 Ton Bug remembered to transfer to cassette as much of the same grimy energy that made them such a force of nature live that they’ve produced a tape that’s infinitely re-playable, and filled with enough hooks to have you singing the songs in your head for weeks. It’s trash-rock for a trash culture, and that’s perhaps the highest compliment.

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