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Records Released in 2018 That I Bought in 2018

John Campoli lives in Somerville and sets up punk shows, and hustles records where he can. - DS


I guess I didn’t buy all that many “new release” records this past year in 2018. I definitely bought a LOT of records this year, but I buy less online than you’d think and have fallen off on current trend. This list was going to just hype a few local favorites or go through some non-2018 release stuff I’ve been listening to (like The Popguns), but then I decided to see what I was actually holding from this past year. A pretty mixed list of Indie, Punk, and Hardcore and you can kinda trace what shows I went to from studying it. I’m pissed I mailordered that BMSR LP…my notes say I paid $30 for it via mailorder and now you can get it for $15 from a ton of shops. I definitely could have waited for that and haven’t even opened it, so it goes though. I should pick up the rest of those Felt reissues soon, the mixes are actually engagingly different than the originals and worth spinning. They’re expensive though, was hoping they’d hit clearance sections by now or at least get more people talking about Felt. Somehow to me it seems like neither has happened and I’m still missing a bunch of the 80s pressings. My favorite “new” band on this list would be The Number Ones from Ireland. They stayed over this past fall when they played at Great Scott with Sheer Mag and we really hit it off and had some good fun. If you’re reading you should pick up their LP now and incentivize them to come back and play the states again soon cause I miss those guys.

Shoutout to Strange Passage too, they have a new record coming out next month but I got my hands on a test press copy of it in late 2018 so I’m counting it on here. Overall 2018 was a good record year for me, I just didn’t buy too much music actually made in 2018. Maybe this year I will do better getting excited about current music and you can look forward to a more comprehensive list next year around this time.


Check out John’s Discogs here: https://www.discogs.com/seller/jcamps/profile

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