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If you’ve been following my Rad Apps articles, you know I’m a huge fan of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS!), in other words, software that you can look at the construction and modify if you so choose. FOSS allows watchdogs to sound alarms about vulnerabilities and shady updates but even better allows anyone in the community to change the program if they so choose; it’s like a collective art project though I should note that: “Free refers to freedom, not free beer” so charging for your work is still an option. Because of the nature of most FOSS communities however, much of the work is totally free and available to the public. Heck, most of you use some form of FOSS everyday: Android operating system is open source (with lots of closed source components tacked on for good measure).

So with that background setting the scene, I’d like to introduce a wonderful FOSS project: Krita! Krita ( is a digital painting application for computers and tablets. Krita is a full featured paint application with layer management, tool editing, .PSD support, brush stabilizers and much more! If you like digital design, illustration, webcomics, or just like making digital art, Krita could be for you, and oh hey, want to learn to animate and haven’t decided on a good program? Krita has a full featured animation tools built right in, how about that? Krita is currently fundraising until October 15th, so go check it out!


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