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RAD APPS: APRIL // Makesoil



If you live in Boston, there are already a couple really convenient composting services such as Bootstrap
Compost (which offers varying pickups per month). But if such a service is out of budget, or you want to
make your own soil, there’s another way! brings people together either as ‘soil makers’ or
‘soil supporters’; Makesoil connects people who are making soil with people with nowhere to compost.
I’ve found the unfortunately prevalent attitude that composting is for crunchies; it is, but it’s also for
everyone else too! The fact is, composting is super easy to do and there’s tangible returns: you get really
good soil! If you’re putting food scraps, old fruits and vegetables, dirty napkins, coffee grinds, banana
peels or anything similar in the trash, you’re missing a great opportunity for seriously dank soil.

Whenever I’m done cooking or making coffee I just throw the leftovers in a plastic bucket (a bag works
too) in my freezer to keep it from rotting until the bucket fills up. When the bucket is full, I bicycle my
bucket over to the nearest ‘site’ and follow the site instructions, the site closest to me happens to be a
lovely lady named Jennifer running a compost site in front of her house.

If you make your own compost, other people can sign up to bring you compost too when you sign up as a
‘soil maker’. As I write this, there are few Soil Makers around Boston, and I’m hoping to change that.


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