R. Nordac’s music 2 Cry and Make Out to, Vomit, or Have a Crush to on Valentines 2014


Hi, my name is Ronnie Nordac. I like 2 think and care about babes, it is wat I was put on this Earth 2 do. Thinking about babes so hard causes a lot of feelings tho, and I have found that the best way 2 work thru these feelings is by rocking out. The following is a list of some musical artists whose songs have helped me navigate the complex emotions caused by my deep commitment 2 romantic desire:

Peach Kelli Pop

If u r excited about how things r going w/ ur new crush, I recommend listening 2 the song “Knockout” by Peach Kelli Pop. It is cute and makes ur heart feel bubbly and sweet, makes it feel as cute as it should when ur crush likes u back. PKP has 2 albums out, why not buy those records and invite a babe over 2 listen 2 them w/ u?

Ryan Power

Ryan Power provides us w/ music that allows 4 a deeper meditation on desire and the internal conflict that emerges w/ feelings of sexual and romantic desire. “New Attitude” and “Identity Picks” are songs that allow the listener 2 slow down & reflect on the way desire complicates & deepens ppl’s relationship 2 themselves & each other.

The Memories

You must listen to “Love is the Law” by the Memories. U will want this album 2 b the soundtrack to ur life. When babes don’t txt u back, or when ur making out w/ that crush that u wanna hang w/ every day, when they’re gone 4evr, when she don’t speak spanish at all, there will b a song on this album to glorify each and every moment of joy or disappointment in ur life. Possibly my favorite album of 2013. Favorite tracks: “She’s so Tight”, “En Español”, “You Need a Big Man”, “Go Down on You”.

Happy Jawbone Family Band

Have u heard the song “Do You Want Me”, on Happy Jawbone’s latest full length? It’s a love song, but it doesn’t feel celebratory. It feels sad. It feels like ur in luv and u want 2 cry, but probably not even tears of joy, cuz this luv is like a new madness and sadness that leaves ur heart in a state of frailty and vulnerability. :'(

Mannequin Pussy

In 2013 I saw Mannequin Pussy play and got a tape by them called “Gypsy Pervert”. You throw this tape on when you want to feel fucking badass like frontwoman Marisa Dabice. Cuz she is badass as fuck and this tape makes that clear as fuck. However, I really appreciate her ability to sound like she’s ready to rip your head off one moment, then suddenly draw you in with the beauty of her voice. Together with Thanasi on guitar and Drew on drums, they are unstoppable. Don’t have a date on Valentine’s? Listen to Gypsy Pervert and you’ll forget why u ever felt like U needed 1 to begin with.

Colleen Green

Fuck yeah. Colleen Green is my favorite. Any song by her will do. Her songs r uniquely empowering and very meaningful 2 me in a personal way. The melodies r undeniable, carried by Colleen’s voice, which is usually doubled to create angelic harmonies that create an untouchable presence that is both casually and powerfully feminine. I feel an overwhelming desire to identify with her musical presence, I satisfy this desire by listening to her albums repeatedly and wearing sunglasses when I rock out.


Another powerful persona, Nobunny! A great songwriter, gets right to the point about things, shares what he wants even if it seems a little gross/scary, but u can tell his heart is in the right place. All his music is great but if ur looking 4 a good album 2 make out 2 w/ a lot of tongue while ur appreciating catchy songwriting, listen 2 “Raw Romance”.

The Beets / Juan Wauters

The songs of Juan Wauters and of the Beets have helped me look inside and ask myself what I want out of my limited time on Earth. Juan’s songs always encourage U 2 b tru 2 ur heart and yourself. They acknowledge that life is big and confusing, but no matter how sad or daunting things may seem from this point of view, they remind you that you always have the power to make the choice to be U. If life feels 2 overwhelming 4 u on this Valentine’s day, check out the music video for “Sanity”. At the very least it will inspire u 2 wrestle out the emotion caused by confusion.

The Monsieurs

Raw Raw Raw garage rock from Boston, MA. You should see them play live, it will make u want 2 piss in ur pants & wash ur hair w/ 40s. It will momentarily bend your sense of what is wrong and what is right. The aesthetic of fearlessness that ur weak heart could only wish 2 embody, they make it real for the duration of their live set.

Wyatt Blair

Burger Records put out a Wyatt Blair tape called “Bannana Cream Dream”. I’m not sure how many people here in Boston, MA know about it but you should hear it. It is light and fun, kind of sexy and kind of funny, and it is sassy. I think you have 2 know how 2 b sassy if u don’t wanna b crushed by ur crush. “Banana Cream Dream” will help u w/ that.

Son of Salami

Always speaking truth about “Pure Emotion”, sometimes getting the deepest when he’s talking about deli meats. The albums “A Study in Eraser Headless Tape Recording” and “Sontava Nights” are not about jokes, they’re about Joey Pizza Slice being fully honest about the things that are on his mind. Joey is able to put things that cause him frustration and sadness so plainly that it makes us laugh, because we can totally relate. Put either of these albums on when all else fails, they’ll remind u ur not failing alone.

Hope u get 2 make out w/ ur crush 2day, but most likely they will nevr txt u back.

(untiL theY do!!)

dreams come tru in Boston,, MA

<3 R. Nordac

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