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Quilt needs our help!!!


After a nasty car accident while driving through Kentucky, Boston’s beloved music makers Quilt find themselves van-less and unsure of whether they can hit the road for their tour with Woods in April.

While driving on the highway a tire blew out causing the van to spin out of control and proceed to flip eventually landing right side up.  Miraculously, no one was seriously injured.  Their van, however, had to be abandoned in a tow lot somewhere in Kentucky while the group took a rental to finish out their tour to SXSW like the champions that they are.

With an onslaught of tour dates coming up in April, we need YOU to open up your hearts and your wallets to help these guys spread their good vibes and hypnotic jams to rest of the world!  Whether you’re able to throw down $2 or $100, it will make a difference.  Just think of all those poor little boys and girls who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Quilt yet!

If you love Quilt and you know it click right HERE to donate by March 31st, 2014. You can also donate directly to [email protected] on PayPal.

Lets get these kids back on the road, doing what they were meant to do!

*photo by Alex Marks

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