Puzzle Mansion — “Fall of Ethan”


Puzzle Mansion’s new release, “Fall of Ethan,” is a revamp of a song released on their self-titled debut, and it’s quite the scant groove. This track has the makings of what could be expanded into a really prime LP, but it’s hard to formulate an idea of the band’s sonic identity with only one track to work with. Being a sucker for hyperbole: The track sounds like the crooning of a spookier Mac DeMarco jamming with Deep Purple in the middle of a graveyard with a black light poster as the backdrop.

“Fall of Ethan” is an eerie, 3:28 drop into something you’d expect to be stirring within the deep end of late-night television, but it never fully delivers on the hellacious nightmare threat that it could be. I do hope to hear more from Puzzle Mansion. I hope that they are able to release something that can really show their true identity, what they want to be as a band moving forward. I’m definitely interested to see if they’ll record another version of the other track from their demo, “Rise of Flynn.” Every artist has a story, and I’ll be very interested to hear where Puzzle Mansion’s story is headed. I’m sure they will find their niche in the annals of the Boston music scene, hopefully sooner than later.

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