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Premo.Dee – “MaddenMadMan (Freestyle) ”


Somewhere along the astral plane lies the raps of Brockton native Premo.Dee. The introspective artist nonchalantly spits over beats that are sleek and soulful, but esoterically so. Off-kilter drum patterns and percussive twists and turns are the usual backbones for Premo.Dee to experiment with his enunciated rapping. “Hold It Down” off of his Satelitte.Blvdmixtape finds him utilizing different vocal effects over mystical production, while his contributions on Briefcvse’s sonically-disparate Low Quality Demosillustrates Premo within his diaristic bag.

The Brockton native’s new single “MaddenMadMan” is effective in its profound simplicity. As Premo describes it, the song is a “smooth listen with a strong message.” Across a succinct minute-and-a-half, Premo speaks on embracing his goals, the craziness of our world, and unfair disadvantages people of color face in today’s society. ‘I’m in full control of the hit stick,” he spits at one point; referencing the classic Madden football games as a metaphor for how he wants to approach his bright future. The orchestral loop courtesy of Tee8 provides Preemo with a lot of room to breed his stream-of-conscious intuition, as he rolls a joint while a friend of his stoically plays Madden in the background. “I really felt the sample and it felt like it would bring light into a room if you played it out loud; so it felt ok to talk about some heavy topics on it,” the rapper told me.

With so many complex ideas coming out on a day-to-day basis, it’s nice hearing something simultaneously essential and low stakes. As Premo told me,  it’s “just some bars that you can feel.”


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