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This plea first appeared 11/21 as part of Boston Hassle’s weekly free newsletter, which you can totally subscribe to here if you are not already.

This week’s newsletter is simple. First, I am going to tell you who we here at the Hassle are. Second, I am going to tell you what we do, why we do it, and what we believe in. Third, I am virtually going to get down on my knees and plead for your support for our Patreon. And I will do all of this shamelessly.

First up, who are we? Good question, for the most part, we are your friendly, do-gooding, local, hip crowd. We like to consider ourselves a working-class music and art publication which is the socioeconomic class we all come from. Our members range in age from 14-60 and through our grassroots volunteer structure, we foster a diverse, inclusive community of writers, musicians, and artists. Mostly however we are living beings, that you know, are kind of poor and stretched for time most of the time.

As many of you may know, the Boston Hassle is a website, a show booking collective, a weekly newsletter (ahem), and, in the before times, we even had a flea market! Remember that? As you can imagine, making all this happen involves many unanswered emails, making to-do lists to be to-done, meetings to be scheduled and attended, phone calls, emergencies, deadlines, late nights, sacrifices, strategizing, and on and on.

Why do we do all of this? My gut response to this is to say that we love music, independent film, art, and culture in Boston. We believe there is an entire subculture in Boston that is being overlooked by the current media landscape in the region and that this is an injustice to the numerous artists and musicians that have always comprised the artistic soul of the city. To put it simply, art and culture reporting sucks in the city right now, and we are here to make it suck less.

As you may be able to guess we support such radical policies such as health care for all, free public universities, universal voter suffrage, safe abortion access, equal rights to all people, and you guessed it, call the FBI, a progressive tax rate. Slap my face and wake up Hayek from the dead, but to us, it is just common sense.

Now let us begin the shameless begging. Please donate to and support our Patreon. You can get yet another free newsletter for just a dollar a month (that all of the Hassle crew puts together). At the $5 tier, you get a newsletter and Boston Hassle stickers. Next, we have our $10 tier,  where you get the newsletter this time we mail you double the stickers! And for the merch haul of your wildest dreams, at the $20 dollar tier, you receive all of the above plus a free, custom t-shirt.

Not to be an infomercial right now, but, that is not all. With this money, we can invest in future projects like a very special Boston Hassle podcast, more video content, and we can be able to pay our staff and writers. We may even be able to open up our own dojo somewhere in the Boston area, you never know what can happen.

All I know is that with your support, the Boston Hassle can not only make Boston suck less, but it could also continually make your life richer by being connected to local art in Boston, giving you a podcast to grace your ears, and programming a string of amazing shows in the after-times whenever that may be. I ain’t no maker of vaccines, I am just your humble weirdo journalist begging for your spare change.

So if you have an extra dollar a month (that is just $12 a year) you could really help us out in becoming a stronger, sleeker, funnier, more socially responsible organization now and into the future.

Boston needs it now more than ever.

Please support us on Patreon today.

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