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Man, I hate when music journalists say a band sounds like “if x band and y band had a kid” or whatever, but in Sediment Club’s case, they’d have to be forgiven. Literal progeny of members of Bush Tetras and the Voidoids, lead yelping guitar duder Austin caterwauls with his bandmates, bassist Lazar, and drummer Jack, through squiggling feedback, eerie organ variations, and pounding toms that recall late 70s proto-punk melodies through the meat grinder of classic No Wave. Vocals-a-la-Jad-Fair (and, alternately, in the vein of Old Time Relijun) twist and pop alongside Contortions-esque guitar lines, thin and sharp as hacksaw blade, pinned to the beat of a rhythm section that flexes some serious Minutemen influence. I love it when a band knows their shit, and these kids clearly do. The last few years have seen contemporary Brooklyn bands drawing heavily on garage, trance, psych, and brutal noise to project a visceral weirdness, but rarely has dry, skronky art-punk raised its head with quite the same force. Nab their 7” EP and recent LP Time Decay Now (both on Brooklyn’s SoftSpot), and catch them next month at HomeGrown4! (Photo by Everybody’s Hugging)

HOMEGROWN 4: BOSTON HASSLE FEST is happening on November 2nd and 3rd @ the Cambridge Elks Lodge @ 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Central Sq., Cambridge, MA.

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