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Places You Can Hang: Framers’ Workshop

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You ever get one of those random NIFTS in yer email? I got one (from someone I know and love) so I figured I would follow through for a larf. But lo and behold, it led to a priceless discovery that was right under my nose all along—the Framers’ Workshop in Brookline! This place ranks high on both the chilling and the service charts, making it the definition of a PLACE YOU CAN HANG. No pun intended! You bring a piece of art down there and the friendly and very much with-it staff helps you bring that ish up to HANG STATUS. They cut the glass and the frame and all the hard stuff and YOU have the option of framing the piece (the easy part) yourself with the assistance of the radical FW team. In fact, it costs more to have them do it!

So for a discount you get both a framing lesson and the opportunity to hang in Brookline Village which is a rare treat for some of us freaks. There are artists and creatives buzzing around doing their thing, sharing art with each other, and truly enjoying themselves. Only advice is to choose wisely because its not necessarily a cheap endeavor. Pick the piece of art you have that really deserves to be hung and put it in a special place where you will look at it all the time, like above your toilet. It’s a weird lesson but I never would have discovered this goddamn gem had I not gone to 40 South Street who hooked me up with that NIFT shit…So support local businesses, check your dang email and visit the Framers Workshop—you won’t regret it!

Offering custom framing plus do-it-yourself workstations & materials, including moldings & mats.
Address278 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445
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