PILE — “#2 Hit Single”


The latest nugget from area miscreants PILE offers its listeners a stimulating yet comforting high. Which is just what we want to hear from a group whose reputation as the premier Boston rock band nearly precedes them at this point. Some bands get so cozy in their pigeonhole that they either do the same thing over and over or they radically change and alienate everyone. Not Pile, they know what they’re doing. “#2 Hit Single” has that heavy, raw sound everyone loves them for, but they’ve even managed to ramp it up in the interesting-riff department. To my liking, this new single is bordering on noise-rock territory, featuring repetitive, doubled guitar squeals and fast-paced angular parts that seem to just barely hold the tune together before boom, it’s over. This is part of what makes Pile great, their ability to blur the line between tight and wild. It’s well thought-out but aggressive as all get-out. With the unbridled energy of Kris’s battering drums and Rick’s spattering vocals holding it down on either side of the strings, this little teaser should have you counting the days until the release of their new full-length, You’re Better Than This, due out March 3 on Exploding In Sound. Pile it on, boys, we can’t get enough.

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