Particulars – My Nerve Touched The Satellite


Absurdo funk, nah-wave (nah), I really don’t know what PARTICULARS is. I want to call them the Paul Pierce (sorry non-b-ball fans (not really)) of Boston’s underground though, meaning I want to call them THE TRUTH. Zero commercial potential (dance music), but that goes without saying I suppose. This music has me confused.

Billy Mcshane is atop the undulating rhythmic mountain, flag planted firmly, waving in the salty air. His free verse the fool of the PARTICLUARS caravan. Also, how many different ways can a sax manifest itself? The answer: Billy McShane. Nick Neuberg is the daddy (composer) here. It is his funk we are whiffing. His syncopated reality we are living (for a bit). The rest of the band is a stunning, fearless bunch featuring (ex-)members of LISTENING WOMAN, RYAN POWER, COWBOY BAND, and numerous others, pumping rhythmic iron, getting into an early Arnie space.

If I had a talk show, I’d want this gang to be my band. Now, there’s an idea.

The sounds fling from the dark bubbling rock-isms of “Wild Ping Pong” to the free skweee of the title track. Each and every track is chock-a-block with twists and turns, unexpected and wondrous. “Cold Zinc” is one of the prime cuts. TIMBALAND beat meets Eastern guitar moves. Sax leaking from the entire thing as a scurrilous, and dank synthisizer lurches along in the background (the synth work throughout this entire record is just so invigorating). I could get into other tracks too, but I honestly just encourage you to listen to this whole thing. It goes very deep. If you listen adventurously you are in for a special experience. If your ears are softer you might be fucked. And get this, the whole thing was recorded by RYAN POWER. Out on Katie Mcshane’s new label ROTO-ASTERICK RECORDS

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