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Ono — “Ma LaVeau”


To continue Boston’s love affair with ONO, let’s check out the video for the band’s “Ma LaVeau.” Shall we? Taken from the Chicago band’s fresh SPOOKS record, “Ma LaVeau” stand’s out as one of the record’s best and most writhing tracks.

Now that ONO has visited Boston, and I have seen the band live, it is going to be impossible for me to fully extricate their recorded output from their amazing live performance. So, I will say that “Ma LaVeau” delivers, capturing that lurching funk, and strange energy that the band possesses live. If you were introduced to ONO at Hassle Fest you will not be let down. This track screams of the ONO sound in my opinion, funky as hell, filled with deep industrial flourishes, singer Travis splashing himself across the canvas of sound created by P. Michael and the rest of the band. The track concludes with a distorted heart beat (before things fade to black, and then flash back on again briefly).

But ONO is alive and well, and making challenging, deep music right now, opening up an entrance to the underground for the audience of 2015. May ONO return soon, and continue to inspire us! Cool video by Amanda Gutierrez. SPOOKS is out now on MONIKER RECORDS.

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