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On the Importance of Art

Our Sentience and Perception



With the recently proposed budget cuts to the Arts it is more important now than ever to support artistic creation and celebration. This means go out to your local museums and galleries!

Look, listen, can you feel it in the air? Spring is the season. It’s a time of renewal, of rejuvenation. Let us put that energy into finding ourselves through art!



Art has been around for as long as our collective consciousness can remember. We have learned so much about our own history by studying the earliest forms of art that our ancestors made. By making art, they were able to take their subjective experiences of the world and translate them into the objective world.

Through this process, they were able to gain more and more sentience over time. They learned how to analyze and perceive symbols and how to create formidable experiences and tangible realities. They were actively creating experiences that they could share, and realities that they could affirm. Through art, we can connect with other people and we can create a physical manifestation of our relationship to the world.


Sarcophagus with triumph of Dionysos (detail), about 215–225


The Museum of Fine Arts has a collection called Art of the Ancient World, which holds pieces from 6500 BC to 600 AD. This is a great place to start if you are new to viewing art. Here, you can observe thousands of years of art history, just by walking from room to room. It is important to know where art comes from. By putting it into a historical context we can see how much we depend on it and how we always have.

The MFA gives gallery tours, classes, and lectures that are open to the public. Visiting the museum is free on Wednesdays, however donations are much appreciated.


Today art is fresh. Art is new, it’s exciting. It’s passionate, it is all the things that it always has been, but so much more. We have created a symbiotic relationship with art and we grow with art together in parallel.

However, we have been taking art for granted recently. We have failed to maintain an broader understanding of why art is necessary. In fact, it is more necessary now than it has ever been. Now, there is a danger of losing touch with and losing our grip on both our shared cultural identities and our individual identities, as we lose our rights to free speech and expression, and our rights to peacefully assemble and come up with new and terrific ideas.

In difficult times we must not let art die. We cannot be afraid to keep creating, we must create more. We must think more, and experience more. We need to interact with each other, and go out and see the world together. We can never forget who we are or where we came from, that we are all just children in a sandbox after all.


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