OHFENFEN – Egleston Mobil

The Boston artist uses multi-media to express her spirit and passion


Freedom of expression is what music and art is solely derived from. We look at great artists and are mesmerized by how they can bask in the talent of confident expression, ultimately leading to why they are so recognized for their craft. Driven by spirit and passion, OHFENFEN is a producer, rapper, and multi-media artist from Boston, Massachusetts.

Fen’s efforts to create her own artistic language have not been undershot. Her past projects on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, “The Messiest Desk”/ “SOL”/ and Pregnancy Mask’s “Playing the Victim,” have been her more trophic projects, cascading the very tone Fen is trying to set. With this, Fen doesn’t stray away from creating ideas around those projects with her multi-media work. On her multiple social media platforms, she posts small clips, graphics, videos, and any other type of visual representation, usually accompanied by audio she’s made. When combined, creates a beautiful exhibit that Fen can catch and hold a viewer’s attention with.

Most recently, Fen has been promoting her newest single, “Egleston Mobil” which came out October 6th. This song confronts the recent events of COVID-19 with fire in the eyes and tension fully built. Not going to lie though, I’ve been really rocking with this song the past few days. It’s got a bounce that I can reflect on while walking down the street to my local convenience store. The song lyrically makes me reflect as well, upon the conversation points that Fen hits, she seriously is spitting genius. I recommend reading all the lyrics on the link below.

Here’s my favorite part:
“try to make moves and get hurt, facts
you could probably end up on your learnt ass
do not look to me for any worth, pass
I am not the answer I’m the worst path
pull me out the dark where the outside is
when I see the colors close my eyelids
I don’t wanna make it out to where the light is
I don’t wanna fuck with the coronavirus”

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