(new england) patriots



Strange strange strange noise-rock flagrancy from members of Arvid Noe and Hyena and such calling themselves (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS. The overall is indeed evocative of being the hybrid of involved members other projects, Colby’s incensed wild man vocals effected out and charging forward against the laser beam of Luke’s guitar playing. Freak organ sounds join the fray at different points also as heard on their LAUGHABLE RECORDINGS cassette, BOSTON STRANGLER, that was released late last year. This is without a doubt one of my favorite local recordings in recent memory, so is the gnarliness of these sounds, these bashing, frazzled, underwater rants from the underground. Didn’t make it on my best of 2012 list (cuz I’m a loser), looks like it will have to be the 2013 list. “My Dealer” sets the tone with an ugly groove of flailing drums and sparring guitar notes that falls away only to come back at 300%. Colby is speaking directly to us (or on past us, through us) the whole time, pushing away the growing sound with his voice, even as it threatens to overtake the song at each turn. And so it goes. Delicious riffs, and mad drums, and pure insanity on the mic. Classic noise rock if I’ve ever heard it. Colby’s away, but let’s hope he returns and we get more (NE) Pats. Also, go to their site and check out their “logo”. It rules.

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