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Mystic Inane — “Eggs Onna Plate”


Following up last year’s Deep Creep 7”, New Orleans’ Mystic Inane have two new 7”s so far in 2015, the first of which is “Eggs Onna Plate,” released on Lumpy Records, followed by “Ode To Joy” on Negative Jazz, with advance copies available for the New York’s Alright fest. From its title track opener, “Eggs Onna Plate” sounds like it belongs on Lumpy Records. The No Trend sound is still there, but it has grown into something more cretinous with a crunchier overall sound to an at-times-sludgy ‘80s USHC vibe. “Polite Society” and “Manhood” fill out the rest of the record and build in intensity and tempo. Great execution of a familiar USHC sound with just enough weirdness to keep it feeling fresh and new. Another strong release from a band formed out of the ashes of one of the US’s most underappreciated hardcore punk groups of the 21st century, the great Necro Hippies.

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