Andy MacBain, lead singer of THE MONSIEURS, has returned to take the King of Boston Garage Rock crown back to where it belongs (right on top of his mangy head). This guy was one of the lead singers of the now verging on legendary TUNNEL OF LOVE, perhaps the best scuzzy, yet hook addicted garage rock band that this town has ever birthed. No offense to the other great garage rock bands roaming the street of greater Boston. I know you agree with me. THE MONSIEURS are fronted by MacBain and rounded out by two of the coolest ladies in Boston: fearsome drum abuser Erin King, and guitar beast (as well as Shepherdess member, and co-director of GIRLS ROCK CAMP BOSTON) Hilken Mancini. Truly a fuzzy, poppy behemoth this group lays waste to nearly all other garage rock groups that I’ve had pass through my ear canals over the last many years (be they from Memphis, San Fran or wherever). MacBain and Mancini’s dual vocals giddily ride atop the bashing beat all over this first record of theirs, ROCK THE NIGHT (MACCHIO RECORDS). The rest of the time MacBain is screaming his damn head off, singing melodies you are not easily going to forget. “J The Rip” is a blaster, a garage punker that you are going to want to listen to over and over again. Under two minutes and featuring some major Mancini riffage this has got be the album’s most pure smash to the face. On the other hand “Kari Ann” is a pretty much straight up ballad. A garage rock simmer is created during the verses, the steam getting released during the choruses. Love that great brutal thud of a drum beat. At the song’s end MacBain’s vocals go into a primal, gospel zone. This is pure, bare bones pop ferocity done as well as this kind of thing can possibly be done. Can’t get enough. Can’t get enough. Tell your friend who knows the guy who knows the guy who runs that big garage rock label that they should do something with this record. See them play around town, they do so all the damn time.

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