Miller’s Crossing (1990) dir. Joel & Ethan Coen



Only the Coen brothers” fourth film, Miller’s Crossing seems like it can kind of get blocked out by some of their more towering works. Fargo and No Country for Old Men, at least, have entered into public knowledge, and The Big Lebowski might as well be a cult. For many, Miller’s Crossing just kind of exists.

Though certainly not the first nor last noirish film to feature gangsters in fedoras battling over the Prohibition-era booze market, Miller’s Crossing exists as a standout in a crowded field, even if it isn’t quite a standout in the Coen field.

Set in a nondescript East Coast city, the film follows Tom Reagan (Gabriel Byrne), a gangster and adviser to an Irish-American Mob boss (Albert Finney), as he rides out the turbulent times — and all the waves of emotion that churn up with it.

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