MIAMI DOLPHINS – “Dandelion” (SONG PREMIERE! Get on it!)


I kid you not. This band is called MIAMI DOLPHINS, and again I kid you not, they are playing with (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS (our own) & MIAMI DORITOS (our own) on 8/1 somewhere around this BEANZONE (of ours). MIAMI DOLPHINS hail from Minneapolis and their noise rock/ art punk situation is a RAGING one, as is clearly evidenced by the available track that we are PREMIERING right here on the Hassle RIGHT NOW (are you with me? if so you are part of this!)!!!!!!

Chicago’s Matt Pakulski dropped this little number on us. Who in the sam hill is Matt Pakawhatnow?! DO YOUR RESEARCH. Back when the sun shined differently in our own BEANZONE Mr. Pakulski was known as none other than the up front helmet wearer, high pitched (dogs only) mic abuser/ friend that you would see standing/ thrashing/ frothing  in between the audience and the band @ FAT DAY SHOWS. FAAAAAAAAAAT DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Matt’s label FPE RECORDS (that is “For Practically Everyone”, and that means us) is putting out a record for MIAMI DOLPHINS. Heck, that’s why I am writing whatever this is that I am writing, and further, why the band is touring in August (turns out that the show will be @ Neverland in Jamaica Plain I’ve learned since I started writing).

BECKY is the name of these recordings coming soon from MIAMI DOLPHINS (3 previously releases tapes also exist). Bostonians, near Bostonian neighbors & those connected to us all via cosmic mind meld that I am personally not able to understand (but hope that one day live/ dead/ reborn/ unborn, that it shall be explained to me in terms that I can fully digest); if you are of the noise rock and/or weird punk persuasion then you must get these brief (but how they glow!) blasts of elastic inventive spazz in your ears. “Dandelion” is our available example from BECKY for now and it clocks in @ 40 some odd seconds. And what happens in those seconds is a raging twisted hardcore thrash attack, probably visible only as a swirling mass below from the perspective of the vocals which participate in the swirl yes, but also levitate above it as they turn strangely melodic. I can run with this. A perfect visitor for locking temporarily into the weird punk circuit that lives in these parts. Know MIAMI DOLPHINS. Matt from FAT DAY is backing them. ‘Nuff sed.



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