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Max Norton: AMERHRIKA!


Welcome to the first edition of the Hassle Weekly Comic!
Every Monday we’re kickin’ off the week with a wild new comic to get you laughing, thinking, or something.

This week we’re featuring Max Norton, a comic artist from Derry, NH.
His comic strip “AMERHRIKA!” features a lovable squid person as he takes on weekly bullshit from the nation. Look out for it in the January issue of the Compass!

Here are some words from the artist himself:
There’s a blank empty room and I’m standing next to a scaling white wall. I’m viewing a mirror placed on the wall about a foot away from my face. The reflection of me is placed right above my head inside of a white wooden frame. I stand there silently staring until my head explodes like that guy in the 1980’s movie “Scanners”. It’s a meaty mess. This is a daydream I often have of myself. The last time I had this thought I was checking out materials at the local Staples while a cute redhead pulled change from the cash register. This imagery describes me fairly well I’d say. The constant self analysis is most likely unchecked narcissism. To be honest though the ego is lacking because I’m not a fan of creating a likeness of myself or even focusing on me in a simple conversation with a close friend. My artwork is an escape from me. I try to achieve becoming an empty glass.
You can contact Max at [email protected].

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