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Matt Altieri is a resident of Wacky Kastle. He is one of the founders of Allston DIY Fest, currently a writer for Allston Pudding and plays in Vegans.

His list:


10) Cordaro, Giles & Stronge – Self-Titled

This self-titled wonder has tracks which are basically nameless epics. You can hear the transformation of the boys that use to be Yoko? Oh, No! just a mere 3 years ago. King Crimson worship at it’s finest.

9) Itto – Self-Titled 10”

I went to Treasure Town in Chicago and had the pleasure of meeting a few members of Itto while I was there. They came to Boston in late June and proved once again they were some of the coolest dudes ever. I can distinctly hear some of Paper Mice’s influence in every aspect of their music, from thundering drums to their vicious vocals. Dare I say it but Chicago’s music scene may rival Allston’s.

8) The New Highway Hymnal – Whispers 12”

Years and years and years and years and YEARS of hard work obviously went into the making of this phenomenal record. I remember meeting Hadden, Amelia and Travis when they were too young to drink and just barley old enough to drive! Some of my favorite old songs made it to this record, too! ‘Factory Song’ makes me feel like it’s 2010 and I’m still in college.

7) Ominous Black – Self-Titled 10”

Philadelphia based LSD Whiskey Beard Metal at it’s finest! Two dark seven-minute epics contain the doomiest sounding guitar and bass over thunderous drums. Sometimes I have to open my eyes, pick up the vinyl and realize I’m not listening to some crazy Electric Wizard side project.

6) Sneeze – I’m Going To Kill Myself

Pop rock trio Sneeze hit my feels pretty good with this awesome record and even better tour. The title track sounds like some sort of disgusting but beautiful Jeff the Brotherhood and Weezer love baby. Their grunged out and unbelievably catchy guitar and bass show it’s only a matter of time before these guys write a song so epic you won’t be able to get it out of your head for weeks.

5) Male Nurses – Wanna Play Doctor / GI Jock 7”

These dudes just puked up an amazing two songs that fully illustrate the “raw punx” of the Male Nurses crew. Short but sweet, the perverted lyrics are screeched at you over tremendous guitar solos and riffage. Davy Lyko looks like Bruce Springsteen on the cover and I don’t think that’s coincidence.

4) Who Killed Spikey Jacket? – Self-Titled 12”
How can you not be a fan of a band that gets a crowd stomping and chanting “no more pigs at the gig”? This is by far the best punk album to come out of Boston, maybe even all of Massachusetts (sorry, Twerps) this year. All nine tracks are impeccable and I’m surprised the record sleeve isn’t studded.

3) Caffeine Patch – Self-Titled

In a year where most straightedge punk influenced powerviolence bands failed to progress, Caffeine Patch soared. Shedding the stereotypical fuck-you-life-is-shit-and-I’m-mysterious vibe of hardcore punk and replacing it with ironic humor, (the track ‘Quart of Law’ is still something that makes me giggle to this day) Caffeine Patch has produced an amazing and original collection of songs.

2) Speedy Ortiz – Sports 10”

Life itself wouldn’t be complete without this band. They’ve been compared to Pavement, the Pixies, the Swirlies, and nearly every other good band that’s ever existed. Mark my words – this is the band of the fucking future to represent Boston, Massachusetts, New England…and perhaps even the United States itself? Ah, too soon to say. Tracks like ‘Silver Spring’ make me want jump around and tracks like ‘Curling’ make nostalgic. This band has and is doing it all.

1) Hank Wood & The Hammerheads – Go Home 12”

I’m a Johnny-come-lately to this record but it is right up my fucking alley. Psych and punk have never sounded so beautiful together. Rumor has it this New York City band has reached it’s end but this is perhaps one of the most raw, innovative records I have heard in a long time. Whiskey guzzling, chicken killing Hank Wood takes the fucking cake.

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