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Welcome Subcortical, an art zine by Sable Sanborn and Patrick Chaney. In their debut zine, Sanborn and Chaney present eighteen, A4, full color, glossy pages of their collages and drawings. Sources say the zine may become a serial and I don’t doubt it because this collaboration is a harmony by artists more human than human.



Sanborn and Chaney compose their collages from medical books and magazines like National Geographic but the the compositions transcend the content of their source materials. The zine explores themes of alien and artificial intelligences and human consciousness. Their attention to detail is noticeable in their intricate cutting, pasting, and patterning. Bonus detail — the pair’s works meet in the middle for a literal balance in the zine. Two covers, no end. It’s a beautiful thing that will remind you it’s time to dive back into your cyberpunk lit. and VHS tapes.

Sanborn and Chaney run deep with Boston and greater New England. They produce and collaborate in all media. Expect more Subcortical issues. Until then…

Listen to Chaney’s dark ambient and techno works as Solid State Entity.

Follow Sable Sanborn @showmethemundi and Patrick Chaney @soldistateentity.

Buy the debut issue through direct inquiries, $10, PM @solidstateenetity.


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