LUXARDO – “Dama”


It doesn’t appear that there is a proper full album of this stuff out there, but if you go trolling through the TREDECI BACCI soundcloud you will find a number of tracks by LUXARDO. My initial encounter with this music was purely accidental, it cascading along with a wonderful bunch of other Boston area music into my ears via the site’s automatic streaming function (after I failed to close out a soundcloud sesh). I heard a bunch of good music that day (some of which I will hopefully chronicle here down the line) but the best was LUXARDO’s, and “Dama” was the one that really grabbed me. What this is is the further 60s Italian pop excursions of Simon Hanes, who you might know from GUERILLA TOSS, or his big band Italian pop project TREDICI BACCI (or for that matter his surf project TSONS OF TSUNAMI). Here Hanes goes solo though and after hearing the TREDICI BACCI stuff, and now this I think I have to seriously consider that THIS is Simon Hanes’ music more than any other. Not a huge leap to take, as a person’s solo releases often do speak most from the heart. Hanes has a deep and abiding love for Italian pop culture and film culture of the 60s and 70s and this music couldn’t be more imbued with such feelings. On “Dama” the guitar playing is out of sight and incredibly catchy, as Hanes himself cooly speak sings (mostly in Italian) what couldn’t be anything short of an invitation for some lucky woman (who speaks Italian). This is absolutely marvelous lounge pop stuff from a guy who is proving himself to be a true modern day renaissance man living right here in Boston, MA. I am not hearing anyone else making music anywhere near this caliber anywhere near whatever a true genre tag for this would be. Dig this.

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