LOOKS REALISTIC may sound synthetic, but the Worcester duo’s electronic compositions display an easy naturalism. The bleeps and bloops on their new full-length tend to bear more similarity to rain, birdsong, wind in the trees, mammalian chattering or cosmic background radio waves than to a fritzed-out R2D2 unit (although there’s some of that in there, too).

All 9 of the tracks here are good, but LOOKS REALISTIC really shine when they stretch things out. Longer tracks like “Holderness” and “111812” have proper time to breathe and evolve and come out at the end, the clear highlights of an album full of highlights.

On VA/A, Joe Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall have pulled together their best collaboration to date: a lush, beautiful collection of laid-back abstract experimental music that is perfect for an afternoon spent 3-D printing copies of ancient mystical artifacts, uploading your consciousness into a modded Playstation or you know, just kickin’ it on your porch with a good book.

VA/A is available now from Beer on the Rug. LOOKS REALISTIC will be performing Sunday in Somerville with XANTHOCEPHALUS and PARASHI as part of the Armory Sound Live Series.

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