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Live at the Gilmore Holidaytimez Edition

HAPPY HOLIDAYZ with DELICIOUS PIE (GRAPHS): statistics from a 1-Hour Holiday Party/social experiment



What greater holiday gift can I give to my adoring public than some delicious pie (graphs) as related to my social experiment/conceptual piece/holiday party? I don’t know exactly when I conceived of the 1 HOUR HOLIDAY PARTY but it finally did transpire, and, as was plainly stated, for 1 hour only. The invitation read: “You will be warmly welcomed to my home starting at 3:00 p.m. to enjoy holiday-evoking music, treats, and drinks, and undoubtedly entertaining conversation. Then, at 4:00 o’clock sharp, you will be graciously but firmly escorted off the premises.” It was a perfectly ordinary holiday party, mind you, except for the time limitation. I am often timing things in my life–working out, writing, guitar practice–and it seems inevitable I suppose, I should apply this  compulsion  fantastic time-management technique to some sort social gathering. And there is something about attempting to condense or quantify holiday cheer by the means of time I just find hilarious. To what degree others may share in this I’m still not quite sure. Generally though, the response has been favorable. The initial positive reaction to the concept upon my invitation did seem to remain steady through the actual execution, as indicated by the respondents to my survey shortly following the event (again, results below).

Some concern was expressed as to the volume of potentially uneaten cheese, which as it turns out, was quite on point. I am suffocating in leftover cheese. There were conflicting feelings about the Roomba decorated with snowflakes and silvery paper roaming around the room. “The Roomba was a nice touch,” wrote one partygoer, while another noted: “roomba=too scary.” I, for one, wish I’d thought to hyphenate 1 HOUR as 1-HOUR–otherwise, no regrets. Not a one. I will probably write more about the urge behind the party and my experience with time generally but for now please do enjoy some holiday statistics. Oh, you’re very welcome. Not at all, not at all.




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