Listening Woman — “2,740 Nudes (mountain scene toward evening (Germany))”


Ouch. Listening to LISTENING WOMAN, I feel as if I am getting mercilessly pinched, whilst still having a good time that is. The funk is dropped from some high place above, so that by the time it hits the musicians standing around on the sidewalk below, it just cuts right through them. Seamlessly it cuts.

Weird fun.

The main woman behind LISTENING WOMAN is Katie McShane, and it is not odd at all that she is related by blood to the man who has stood out in front of PARTICULARS for the last couple of years. In fact brother Billy is in the band! Along with other PARTICULARS…

LISTENING WOMAN has been hurling it for a while now, but there is practically no evidence of them. There is however this video for “2,740 Nudes (mountain scene toward evening (Germany))”! Try to say that 12 times fast while standing on your head! You won’t! Check out LUNGBASKET‘s site for some of McShane’s past output, of which there has been much. And while her internet presence is lacking (god love her) this video and tune IS NOT! Can I get a skronk? No you cannot. Jazz-punk-funk. It just does not compute, but it works because the hands are able and the mind is willing. I haven’t seen this crew live yet, I need to get on that.

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