Formed just a few short years ago, SKIMASK have blasted to the forefront of the Boston music scene with an obscenely loud and agitating live show. Three dudes is all they are, but serious batches of noise rock do they ever make. Pummeling drums courtesy of a former member of the ROWDY ONES, wild mouth induced electronic riffing from a member of the fondly remembered SUNTAN and ISLE OF CITADEL, and of course out front, bent diatribes from Brockton’s most famous son since Marvin Hagler, the enigmatic Profit. What to expect at a SKIMASK show? Bodies hurled, deep non sequitor exploration, ultimate loudness, and happy people wiling out cuz their favorite band is playing. Rarely in Boston has there been a band to bridge the gap more between the in the box punks and the wider, more exploratory music community. The people like it. And it’s weird. And these guys are heavily engaged in their music community. The put out a split record on SOPHMORE LOUNGE, and they have a song on the BOSTON HASSLE Comp and a few other odds and ends, but what we want to know is: when are we going to get that full length record of loud, grimey, grooving, sonic debauchery from these motherfuckers??? They play with BLACK PUS, BUCK GOOTER, and a new project from Tom formerly of the great USAISAMONSTER on thursday 4/12 @ the Butcher Shoppe in Allston. It’s a B.O.W. Show.


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