At times reminiscent of a more straight rock n roll version of Italy’s Jennifer Gentle,
France’s J.C. SATAN(some members are actually Italian) is a moody co-ed rock n roll band with a bunch of great songs and a recent LP on SLOVENLY RECORDINGS. HELL DEATH SAMBA it is called and it might be the best record of the year, packed back to front with hooks, and songs(both pretty and ugly) as it is. “Misunderstood” is a bouncy, rave up featuring a catchy as hell guitar/organ riff. This song showcases well the power of the group’s back and forth vocal dynamic. “In The Light” is a wonderful late Beatles-esque(in the best sense possible) pop song propelled by a pretty guitar line and vocals that again veer back and forth between male and female singer. The interplay between vocal melody and guitar line is exquisite, making this one of my favorite songs all year. “The Junkie Knight” is another perfect slice of guitar led grooving pop. A little psych, a little surf rock, and insanely memorable hooks. I just want to keep listening and listening to these sweet harmonies. On “Unhappy Girl” things get a little more aggro, with the fuzz more in the front, distorted vocals, and a yelled chorus. Groove is maintained however, and this song showcases that JC SATAN can tackle different feels, without losing their own unique vibe. This is moody music, but because of the many hooks, and shake-to-able rhythms it’s also very fun. Garage rock at it’s best absolutely.

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