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We’re pretty amped around here as we have BLACK DICE coming through in a week or so, and look what we have here! A new 7″ from, my goodness, ERIC COPELAND, he one of thee three BLACK DICE men. We’ve written about Copeland’s forays into lo-fi electro and pop weirdness before(just check if you think we’re lying) and we probably will again, them being as enjoyable as they often are. It’s really refreshing to see an artist as well known as this fellow go small. It’s doubly refreshing that his shit don’t stink. “Get Along” almost flows like a WEEN song, sing song flow over drum machine and tinkling keys. Fits mostly into the post-Ariel Pink world we are all forced to live in(I am down with some Ariel Pink, don’t get me wrong.). “Playing Zulu” shares the lo-fi-ness of the first track but warbly guitars mostly replace keys here. Good stuff. Better songs than most trying at this kind of stuff. Out on POST PRESENT MEDIUM.


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