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Some get nervous when you start throwing around words like “doom”, “sludge”, and “progressive”… oft-abused by mere mortals with little true understanding of Heaviness, these terms serve as reminders of all the times we’ve been misled into listening to sub-par stoner metal.  Leave your nerves at the door, however: this one is a head-trip beyond the realm of ill-fitting labels.   NYC’s Bezoar burn through various dust-covered rooms of the Heavy Rock Canon, braiding together elements of “Epicus” Doom Metal, Prog-Rock of a decidedly Crimson hue, and burned-out Psychedelia into one very strong rope.  Yes, there are plenty of bands out there beckoning you to stand before their altar of Emperor cabs and Sunn heads… THIS is one band worth the earache, and don’t expect any pity when you update your facebook status the next day to “Bangover. OW.”

Bezoar’s most recent record “Wyt Deth” features plenty of dirty, slithering metal that serves as a perfectly craggy backdrop to bassist/lead-vocalist Sara Palmquist’s hypnotically commanding incantations.  The central riff of “Friend Of My Enemy”, for example, is like a grunge hymnal: a stretched-out, seductive groove that blurs into psychedelic asides.  I want to mention both Neurosis and Jarboe here, but not to liken this to that uneven mish-mash of a record.  “Wyt Deth” is as good as such a legendary collaboration should have been.  While I’m dropping names, I can’t help but mention how the acoustic pieces that introduce each side remind me of Amps For Christ.  These melancholy, post-apocalyptic folk dirges don’t feel out-of-place or unnecessary on such a heavy collection of amplifier worship.  “Burn Everything” is an achingly beautiful song and a fitting introduction to this Promethean slab.   “Wyt Deth” is a dark, fully-realized vision of body-rocking/brain-melting guitar music… if you’ve never “almost cut (your) hair”, this is required listening!

Catch Bezoar tomorrow night at Church.

Keep up with Bezoar on their blog.

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