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Andy Crane, outta Seattle, WA, and of former Boston based band Wildildlife(which put out 2 records on Bodies of Water back in the day), will be bringing a solo performance to JP’s Whitehaus on JAN 12th. Check out his tunes and see what the man has to say when asked a few simple questions…

1. What are you trying to express with your music?

Hmmmm, i guesss just what ever is on my mind, usually things that bother me, i use songs and stuff as a way to get out my annoyences in a creative way whatever they may be, also music is really fun for me to play, so i guess I use music and songs to express things that effect me in a way that is fun for me even if its not a fun thing to express

2. You on tour? Coolest recent show(whether on tour or not)?

No….just traveln out to the east coast cuz i havnt been out there in many years, im just playn some one off’s in boston, and tryn to throw one togethr in ny as well. We playd a pretty fun show in LA a couple weeks ago at a kick ass lil gallery, but the major stain was that Residual Echoes was on the bill as well but the 5-0 showd up before they got a chance to take the stage, but also chuck dukowski’s new band (that includes his wife and son) played…..I wasnt really down with them, but it was still coool, also i saw neurosis on NYE, that was fuckin kick ass!

3. Who are some bands you all are into right now?

ive been realy listenin to ALOT of electronic music, artist I like in that genre are Monolake, Deepchord/Echospace, Subway, Bulgari, Daft Punk tron soundtrak(SICK!!!!)…..all amazing groups….hmmm bands tho? Really been diggin some classic GN’R….paticularly GNR lies, Spiritualized, Nikki Sudden+jacobites, ZZ topp, theres a great band in Vancouver rite now called Black Wizzard, another one called Bogus Tokus….both major shredders, Seattle Band Red Liquid….fuckin great….Portland well anything adam garcia is in is kickn ass these days….Atriarch, Yob….both seriously heavy shit as well….we’ll leave it at that for now

4. How’s Seattle these days?

Seattle is good, not nessecarily the music eppicenter that it was like 5 years ago, but it is still home to me…..I have got an amazing group of freinds/musicians here…between working and playing in bands and shit it keeps me really busy…i didnt realize how beutiful it is here also (when i was growing up), so moving back has really been an eye opener as to how pretty it is here, that is my favorite part about the city. Its a weird town, but if you can figure it out, it’s really fun!….go seahawks (big game later 2day)

5. What’s your favorite song of yours that we might hear when you come to Boston, and why?

hmm well im kinda performing under the braindrain name….which is another band i do, gonna do a mix of a bunch of shit tho, dont really know if we will here any wildlife songs (that ya’ll r familiar with{unless you have heard the new record[which i will bring some]}), but to answer the question like a songs called “hey baby when you dress that way it makes me sick”, its about that person that you like so much, and sometimes they will where a shirt that you like so much and it drives you crazy cuz you can’t “like” that person cuz someone else already “likes that person” and it makes you sick!!!!…ha

Hey Baby When You Dress That Way It Makes Me Sick

Needle Through The Thread

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