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hi guys. Thank you so much for sharing your firsthand accounts of the events of last night. We received close to 100 reports from you guys, and since we have a very small permanent staff, we’re going to have to take a break for a bit. We hope to keep adding more to our insta periodically throughout the next few days.

I’ve been extremely scared over the last 24 hours. With no proper media coverage within the city, I was very concerned that history would be written falsely about the nonviolent demonstration that occurred last night from 630-9pm. Thank you all for assuaging my fears.

I still can’t sleep, though. I’m scared for what comes next, now that we know our city’s police force is violent and tactical. Now that we know our press, which once defied the Catholic church in pursuit of justice, no longer cares to report the truth.


I hope everyone takes the time to heal themselves over the next few days. This hurts like hell, and we need to be gentle with ourselves before we can continue our fight.

I also hope everyone takes time to heal each other. We need our community right now.  We need to look out for one another above all else.

Keep communicating, keep sharing (and verifying) information, and keep safe.  Be proud of yourselves, and each other.

Justice For George Floyd.

Black Lives Fucking Matter.

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