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Let us tell you what to get at February’s Black Market.

A gift guide for lovers, silly holiday celebrators, and Black Market wanderers.


Greetings reader!

We at Hassle are always making the best decisions. Booking the best bands, finding the coolest artists.

The public has even trusted us to decide who the coolest vendors for the coolest pop-up shop in the city will be.


Now, let us now tell you what to get your luvrr for this upcoming silly post-real-holiday holiday, aka: Valentines Day.

Have at it:

We are feeling positive about Pleasure Pie’s sex positive greeting cards!

There’s no gr8est gift 4 ur luvr than giving them a LITERAL HUMAN HEART.

For your main squeeze and summer dreams.

Give the gift of bones. Diamonds are so cliche; give your lover a lovely skull plaque to brighten up the room.

for when you number one leaves you speechless. gets fun and playful.

Sometimes Old Greg’s Lovegames aren’t enough.I think Why the long face? game is gr8 4 ur Luvrs because you get to experience new details about their beautiful faces- like if they are better at making a muskrat or a bison. Why the long face? is the charades game that brings taxidermy to life.

WHO would your lover even be if they didn’t love Owls!!!???

Because she (or they or who ever would like these pins) puts up with ur SHIT1!1! @pindigogrrrls

For the mystical witch or tarot enthusiast in your life. IG @aimeebelangerart

In a long distance relationship? Mice chewed through your internet?? Keep the spark alive with a handwritten message! These postcards provide a little glimpse of home (Somerville AND Cambridge available) with plenty of space on the back for a cleverly crafted haiku, sweet nothings, etc. Who says romance is dead?

Did you know that bees are a sign of love? (Okay, they’re not, but they should be.) This snazzy vinyl sticker is weatherproof, waterproof, and scratch-proof. So get your Valentine something as enduring as your love. Plus, it’s pretty darn cute.

Second-hand art supplies!  Which one could potentially use to make their own valentine for their luvr or share the gift of creativity, which is way better than chocolates because creativity is forever!!

The lovebug is a species of march fly. Adults pair up and copulate for 2-3 days. After the female has been fully fertilized, she detaches from the male and lays her eggs.

SheCult is an artistic and social collective for queer people who experience femininity. Our magazine features over 35 artists of poetry, photography, and more. Give a gay gift on this gay day and warm somebody’s heart with our art.

Who couldn’t use a little good fortune? An amulet is the perfect gift for your sweetie, your bestie, or even (especially!) yourself. Want an amulet custom tailored to your intentions and desires? Reach out to Kenahora on Instagram or email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you place an order for pickup at Black Market.

And, lastly, don’t forget the lovers who love food more than you.
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