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The very last of ACCUMULATION (phase 2): Creighton Baxter @808 Gallery


The Lightning Speed of the Present | 808 Gallery | Boston University |


Bittersweet to be at the final installment of Accumulation – the past two months have provided the most cathartic experiences in religiously attending each Wednesday night performance.

In the words of Maggie Cavallo via Shawn Hill:

“it’s like having a season pass to a concert series, only it’s free and you have no idea what to expect from week to week.” 


Do yourself a favor and don’t miss tonight’s ACCUMULATION, because there are a few things to expect:

* One of the very last performances in Boston by Creighton Baxter *

* Followed by an artist talk by the curator, Sandrine Schaefer *

“ACCUMULATION (phase 2) provides an environment to witness the evolution of a space activated by accumulated creative actions. Over the duration of this exhibition, participating artists are given 1 day to create a live-art piece. All evidence from their actions are left behind, challenging the following artists to incorporate these remnants into their own work. Any materials that come into the space must remain until the exhibition closes.
ACCUMULATION (2005-present) is intended to happen in phases. Each phase includes a different grouping of artists in a different space. ACCUMULATION (phase 2) challenges ideas about artist collaboration, and simultaneously creates an innovative exhibition of experiential art documentation.”


Performances will occur every Wednesday through March 30.
Live works  include :

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