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La Neve – The Vital Cord


La Neve is a unique character in the electronic world. Making music previously with Downtown Boys (2011-present) and Malportado Kids, (2014-15) she has refined her style with La Neve into a more explorative project. With influences ranging from techno and EDM to punk and noise, she provides an enthralling and provoking journey that you can dance to from start to finish.

In this album, La Neve continues to use dance music to challenge concepts of systemic oppression (or just the status quo in general). This is ABSOLUTELY a political record with song titles ranging from “Signs of Life” to “Maximum Wage.” It is not for centrists or cishets to enjoy. The instrumentation compliments the message perfectly with rough, experimental, hard-hitting electronic beats that don’t distract from the mission of this record. They complement it.

Self-love and care is another important theme of this tape while seemingly addressing the significance of admiration from others. “I Wanna Be Adored” is a great example in the title alone, plus the simple phrase in the track “I don’t need to sell my soul he’s already in me” really stands out to me as one of the best lines in the entire album. Other songs touch on this topic like “Both Eyes” and “A Pretty Red” that get more descriptive and poetic and those are extremely insightful on oneself. Tracks like these yet again proceed to be a fun yet substantial and impressive play on dance music that can’t go wrong in almost any setting (almost.) This record makes me feel like there’s a whole care-free energy surrounding me when I listen to it and compels me to be more and do more. In other words, don’t miss out on The Vital Cord.

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