KRILL – “Turd”


The KRILL men recently let loose with a brand new…um yeah, they have a new video and the song that fits with the video is called “Turd.” Those are our boys! It’s a gentle, but on the border of going mental, quirk-rocker like KRILL is so freakin’ apt @ making. Guitars sound amazing, as do Jonah’s vocals. “Turd” is another cut off the band’s most recently released recording, STEVE HEARS PILE IN MALDEN AND BURSTS INTO TEARS (follow link for Mary Kate’s write-up on that).

The video for “Turd” comes courtesy of Baltimore’s Jake Appet and it looks great as it chronicles the vicious cycle of turd-ness and subsequent self loathing that affects millions of American turds every day.  BRUTAL. Also, some nice Aaron Ratoff closeups and finally the evidence as to why KRILL chose jangle popping over basketball playing.

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