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KILSLUG started fucking shit up in Boston in the 1980’s where they created dark, heavy, freak out, head bashing metal music.In 2010 they had a reunion and killed it, now they’re working on some new stuff! Read this repost from WEIRDO RECORDS: “Utterly bereft of brain cells to begin with, Kilslug turns out to be completely impervious to ravages of time, drug use, or court orders. Larry Lifeless (Sickness, Upsidedown Cross, Adolf Satan) is reknowned world wide for his thick Boston accent, filthy behavior, & trebly caterwauling over awesomely massive doped-out metal sludge. Though it’s tragic that he missed killing the singer of the Lemonheads with the scythe he always drug around stages in the 1980s, this 20th year reunion show proves him undaunted. Best moment is easily when Larry apologizes to the crowd for not being better because he’s “really dehydrated”.” Bringing Back the Dead lp 2010/2007 was released by LIMITED APPEAL RECORDS in 2009. Since then, KILSLUG have been keeping at it- so check out that record and keep an eye out for these dudes in September where they’ll be playing at CHURCH.

“I am a worrrrm, my legions are vast, and when you’re deaaad, Ill crawl up your ass.”

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