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SONG PREMIERE: Killmama – “Chained to My Love”


Killmama is a rare gem buried within the sludge of modern garage rock. In their latest release, “Chained to My Love,” the Fort Lauderdale two-piece takes the genre and fuses it with liveliness and a distinct clean edge.

Within the first second of “Chained to My Love,” you’re thrown into the raging chords and explosive drumbeats characteristic of every punk song. Just as you begin to believe that the song will parade all the way through to its end in the same rumbling fashion, Killmama decides to take a sharp melodic turn.

The song slows down and has nothing but subtle instrumentation and singer Sophie Sputnik’s fierce vocals that are nothing less than attention-grabbing. Sputnik’s voice is partially what make Killmama’s sound so standout from other rock bands around today; it is loud and direct, but also rich and soulful—almost bluesy—and injects passion into a stereotypically apathetic genre. There appears to be a natural balance between the emotive vocals of Sputnik, and the distorted, chaotic sounds courtesy of guitarist Rob Kingsley, and the result is stunning, yet kick-ass.

After a captivating breakdown, Killmama closes out “Chained to My Love” the same way they began it—with the direct force of garage rock. When pieced together, all the parts of the song form a track that is somehow both unique and classic.

(BONUS: the “Chained to My Love” video, which features a chaotic grocery store trip, a punk swimming pool excursion, and a cute sidekick pup, adds another killer element to Killmama’s collage of sounds.)

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