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Jeff Gallagher Unfortunately – s/t


The lo-fi/noise/folk-being known as Jeff Gallagher/Alto Jeffro has been creating various warbly and uncanny pieces for a good amount of time no matter what genre he stumbles upon. His dry and cynical sense of humor has been projected into his work in various quantities.

His latest work as Jeff Gallagher “Unfortunately s/t” is no exception.

In this work, Jeff is constantly wrapping us in a blanket of the odd and uncertain with whatever instruments (or anything auditory) that is found in the depths of the thrift stores and yard sales. The more you listen to unfortunately s/t the more you question your innocence or lack thereof. This album really makes you think about the juxtaposition of reality and fiction. Instrumentally, it’s seemingly a light and calming album. Jeff’s nervous and timid voice and detuned guitar proves otherwise. The dishevelled plucking and the tiredness of the entire composition can make you feel uneasy but content at the same time.

Like most other projects of his, the recording of s/t is very raw and uncut. Some people may think is too rambly and unstructured, but that’s ultimately the beauty of the whole album. In songs like “fly crooked” and “the dreaming dreams of crows,” Jeffs’ humor really shows. Whether it’s poking fun at birds or comparing himself to them, it always gives me a chuckle. While it is definitely an outsider record it can appeal to the many. Jeff continues to be a promising artist no matter what name he’s under. In other words check this out.

Here’s a clip from his previous work “NO GOD”

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