JANE LA ONDA – “Glow Girls”


Bedroom punk lives and her name is JANE LA ONDA. Or JANE LA ONDE. Or SIZE QUEEN. But let’s just call her Kassie. Cuz Kassie Carlson is the one woman engine that makes all these things go.

In these solo forms Carlson jumps headlong into a fuzzy, scuzzy, lo-fi pop that swerves all over the place, but never really where you feel like it’s headed. Hassle got at Kassie when she put out her BUY BUY BUY tape on FEEDING TUBE earlier this year, Sarah M dropping the text there.. That tape was very recently repackaged on LP alongside SIZE QUEEN’s, THE SPECTACLE. All of these things are Kassie (SIZE QUEEN is her and Nick Baker, also of THE CHANNELS). The Hassle’s Cara G also recently wrote about the video for Kassie’s, “Je te plumerai le bed”, a rogue song from the JANE LA ONDA well surfacing just to pair up with the video. That one was a chill downer pop number: incessant cheap electronics, well placed almost JOHN CARPENTER-feel synths, Kassie’s contagious whirly-bird multi-layer vocals, and this bubbling bass synth line that surfaces epically and only on occassion like a post-punk sand worm – wriggling madly. And there’s Jamie Lee and whoever else (who cares, I said there’s Jaime Lee!) glowing through the organics. Betta fish do not like company though, so this proximity is NOT suggested. Very well done no-fi video work, perfect for the song.

The video for “Glow Girls”, from BUY BUY BUY, was released even earlier than the above mentioned video, but has renewed significance because of that LP issuance of its parent album. Besides, we never wrote about it. Anyway, more cheap vid theatrics, this time nicking straight up G.L.O.W. VHS tapes for content, edited up, and in the end bastardized, naturally. “Glow Girls” the song is itself quite chaotic, a thrift store casio punk popper, the vocals more subdued here with the boiling keyboards bubbling and frothing all over the damn place. Reaching and piling up in their preset glory.

Seriously deep in the action/ the shit as the mouthpiece of GUERILLA TOSS as well, Kassie is destroying boring DIY music on a regular basis. Look for a write up on that split LP soon. Love this stuff.

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