J-Wizdum – Mixture

Extending upward indefinitely


Buildings stretch up a thousand times. Black pyramid pulsar tower of gal-

vanized steel parsing intelligence patterned thought logos through airpl-

ane and storm blessing midnight suns on unkempt skull reasoners

Attached in angular platforms suspended in midair all awash in golden hu-

e cataclysms imploded and real. Crisp airy fortress glowing in orange rob-

es and buddha laughter. Delicate fibers of golden string stretching from

garden to garden.

The antidote. Reality awash in golden light blessed by transparent radia-

ting ghost matrix. Stringing and coiled like a thousand serpent visions i-

n repose. Slow breath combusting membrane tissues enveloping world serpen-

ts and medusa gaze bubble indexes.

I close the book and walk down the street.

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