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Interview w/ Devin Byrnes of New Bedford’s 4752 Festival

4752 Festival takes over downtown New Bedford this Saturday, 10/19/19.


The 4752 Festival is taking over downtown New Bedford this Saturday, 10/19/19. The festival is being organized by Devin Byrnes. Devin is a NB local, Bassist of New Bedford based band Picniclunch and owner of a downtown restaurant called Destination Soups!

Dan Shea: What is this festival and who are these bands?!
Devin Byrnes: Yeah, I have taken on organizing it and kind of got inspiration from other roaming fests in other towns. I wanted to see something that was pretty unique and hadn’t happened in New Bedford that I know of..

The festival is an all free music festival that takes place w/staggered start times in 6 different venues.

The bands are a good mix of local and from elsewhere in New England, w/a heavy dose of western, Ma bands, because, western, ma is pretty amazing
DS: New Bedford eh?
Yup, New Bedford, the place I call home. It’s a bit of an experiment, because the live music scene here isn’t really that vibrant.
DS: What’s your 3 fav things about New Bedford?
New Bedford is a really interesting place. The food is great, I think people don’t realize how many great mom and pop food choices there are.

There is a real sense of local pride by some people who give their heart and soul on a daily basis to make New Bedford a more vibrant and healthy place. That civic engagement is hard to find today

Some of the architecture here is amazing. New Bedford back in the day was very wealthy and all those ship captains and textile barons built beautiful homes, many still stand .
DS: I just played with Scare City, they’re nasty.
DB: Yeah, Scare city is legit. I have yet to see them live, but am looking forward to it.
I’ve gotten to permanently calling Boston, Suck City, you have any pet names for New Bedford? Also, anything else to add about the event??
yeah, New Bedford has plenty of monikers, me and M.R. a few years ago took to calling it stab city after our yearly summer surge in violence.

Festival is free, it’s kind of my love letter to New Bedford, bringing in a lot of bands that I like and respect to the city I love. Most of the venues don’t typically host live music, but they have been really open to the idea which is great. I am the engine, but none of it is possible w/out community support

Last thing, the idea is really a free flowing the city center. All the venues are within walking distance of one another, so I picture the crowd roaming, stepping out to grab a bite or to explore the town, then hop back on at another show an hour later, I picture ebbs and flows, but also, I want ppl to check out these cool venues and see what my city is all about

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