This winter, we found out that the Brayton Point Power Plant is closing by 2017. 51 years old and fired by coal, the plant is one of Massachusetts’s dirtiest, and the closure is, in terms of public health, a positive development. It will also mean more expensive power and, in worst cases, a black out.

Howard Stelzer is not keeping that many lights lit, but his music has become a big fixture in the New England free improvisation scene. Through collaborations with the likes of Jason Lescalleet and Vic Rawlings, as well as starting the Intransitive record label, Stelzer is an adamant supporter of new currents of noise circulating through the Boston underground.

This winter, Stelzer went and recorded audio samples of the soon to be closed plant at Brayton Point. The resulting record, named after the plant, is a behemoth, monolithic as power itself, and just as difficult to comprehend. Subtle changes populate the persistent static ringing. This is definitely not in the “furniture music” category of noise – Brayton Point demands attention, and is well worth it. Italian label Dokuro is issuing the album on CD in August, but you can stream it in full below.

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