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Help Sonkhonkett Get Closer to Becoming a Company!

Fair wages for all! Region-specific puppetry for the masses! Merry Christmas!


Put on your “worthy cause” hats because this is a good one:

For those who are yet unaware, Sonkhonkett is a team of artists and comedians bringing outrageous North Shore humor to venues all over the place (including DAP!!) These folx have been dedicated to their comedy for almost a decade, and they’ve got big plans coming down the pike.  BUT!!!  They need your help.



Sonkhonkett’s 2018 fundraiser is “an investment to forward us in the direction of creating a company that is fair to its workers,” and all raised funds will be dedicated to the artists, craftsmen, and laborers who help the team regularly.  The goal is to get one step further in a path towards a fair-wage company with inspiring principles.



And, lucky donor, there are some sweet perks involved:  Donations of a certain amount could get you a personalized thank-you message from those infamous townie puppets we know and love, or original artwork, music, and clothing.

If you want to invest in a group of people so that they can invest in the folks who keep their show up & running, now’s the time:  The fundraiser closes in 6 days.

Catch Sonkhonkett at DAP and at other venues around Boston in the coming year!

Fundraising link:

Sonkhonkett HQ:


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