In what is apparently a monthly and very limited record release, HDCLNR has whipped up another batch: 8 tracks of gloomy nighttime songs bookended by two sonically ambiguous and more experimental pieces Considering the rate these songs are churned out is important I think, not just because of how magically prolific it is, but because there is a strong thematic link between the eight of these songs. Dark and muted in color. They all seem to come from the same spring…it all just seems to come bubbling up.

Across the whole record, the element that really stands out is the tender, emotional vocal performance. It’s a really creamy, soft kind of singing with lots of air… In “Drinking Their Ports”, you can literally hear the throat hissing and whistling. It’s engaging to listen to. It feels intimate. It feels special. It has the sustain of a Rufus Wainwright and the shape and shakiness of a Thom Yorke. Beyond that, the instrumentation stays pretty fixed – we’re listening here for guitar, bass and drum grooves. The chords are interesting and dramatic. Simple in arrangement. Parts that are loosely and effortlessly tied together.

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