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I’ve always loved RUTH GARBUS’ music. She’s been one of the major folk pop, nay indie pop, nay psych folk, heroines of the New England underground for it seems forever now. Over in Vermont there she is, incorruptible songs trickling out over the years in our direction. I guess I’ve liked all the music she’s made; if she’s involved, it’s not garbage, Ruth is that kind of artistic barometer. And  Ruth’s new record KLEINMEISTER! She’s brought me joy through her music before, but not quite like this. Not in a full set of songs situation. Not with with such gorgeous production and such incredibly beautiful employment of the full range of her voice. What a voice!

Ruth apparently worked with opera singer Jim Anderson in 2017/18 to hone her singing skills and the results couldn’t be more on display on KLEINMEISTER. “Blanket and Sign” for instance is incredibly beautiful, the arrangement sparse and fragile solo acoustic guitar barely buoying Ruth’s majestic soaring vocals (that defy easy description as to where their inspiration comes from). Occasionally doubled, and completely intoxicating, her vocals stretch the imagination as she sings of “polishing her dreams.” Why aren’t more songs as curiously listenable as this you might find yourself asking?? And you find yourself asking this again and again about Ruth’s songs…

Joining Ms. Garbus for this enchanting evening are GRANDMOTHER MIRACLES who is also one of our gracious hosts. Their folk is of the most soulful variety making vocal leaps and bounds with regularity. Pain and joy dance with beautiful guitar playing to create a dense fabric of song that will stay with you long after the night is over. One of Boston’s most wonderful. // GREEF (of Maine) will also be joining us for the evening, and is an absolutely curious songwriter of the underground in his own right. Skittering and off kilter (as if there is any other way to be these days) subpop takes on pop thangs and folk tunes. Intertwined with Boston’s own ERASED TAPES. // KO T.C. will be starting things off in a most beguiling fashion offering a kind of future cult pop of whirs and zags, felt and heard, imagined and experienced. KO T.C.’s is a physical music that you will not want to miss opening up this show. A new, and possibly terrifying rip in the cosmic web has taken place. Take notes in Roxbury @ the show. How proud we are of such a lovely show. Thanks to Jonathan & ERASED TAPES for putting this together w/ us. – Dan Shea

PS – Brittle Brian had to drop off the show…

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